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Eminem Feat. Rihanna - I Love The Way You Lie
by Heather Hollis on Jul 28 7:39 PM
Ode to my Haters.......

I remind myself of BBG everyday....
To all the dudes who mess with me... BBG
To all the Dbags who ask single mothers for money....BBG
To chicks hatin'....BBG
To Negative people....BBG
It gives me my confidence "Bitch Be GONE!"
To my BBG's.... Don't hate, I know I'm great. Best thing you never had! Sending you all a shirt, xoxo!
Thanks Tim! Im gonna need like 15 shirts....

by Tim on Jun 22 6:33 PM

To all the good and bad, with all my X’s here is to you saying sorry for being such an ass!! To the one and only BBG that I was tied to with papers, I forgive you in many ways and, hope you can forgive me the same!

by Admin on Jun 21 4:34 PM
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